Wavelength 13 - BIG THANK YOU!

Thank you so much to everyone who pitched in to make the WL13 Festival a reality! Every year, we’re consistently blown away by the support we receive at these community barn-raisers. It’s grown from our own little birthday into a full-blown winter music festival that reaches many different corners of the Toronto arts scene. This is something we’re very proud of, and we’re very grateful to the following amazing humans for their assistance:

Thank you to all the bands, performers, artists, speakers and DJs who showed their stuff. Whether you’re straight out of the bedroom or basement, or you’ve been on the scene for decades, Wavelength is all about shining a spotlight on you. Additional kudos to our visual artists of the weekend, Live Action Fezz (the Friday night “skyline”), Jared Raab (the Saturday night “moon”), Adrian Dilena (Saturday’s helium monsters) and of course our long-time resident artist, General Chaos Visuals. You guys made the weekend a feast for the eyes. And we can’t forget the culinary arts that FeasTO brought to our more senses – those dumplings and popcorn smelled and tasted so good.

Thank you to our venues, specifically Shaun Bowring & Norm Maschke at the Garrison, Rob Butcher at Sonic Boom, Greg Davis at Soundscapes, Mark Foster & Nav Sangha at the Great Hall, Derek Madison at Grasshopper Records and Mark Pesci at Parts and Labour, for being such great hosts and creating many homes away from home for Wavelength. Thanks also to capable sound techs Tim McCready at P&L, Chris Levoir at the Great Hall and Cameron Harding & Ryan Clark at the Garrison.

Thank you to our funders and sponsors, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, the SOCAN , Steam Whistle Brewing, Exclaim and BlogTO, for believing in our vision and giving it the support it deserves.

Thanks to our community comrades and co-presenters, Silent Shout, Kazoo! (Guelph), Show Gopher, Just Shows and Southern Souls, for sharing our mission to support all the incredible independent music being made in our part of the world. Thanks to Bruce Eaton at TicketFly, Brian Taylor at Rotate This and everyone at Soundscapes for helping us get our tickets into your hands.

Thanks to our designer, Derek Ma, our publicity team, Webster Media Consulting, and all our supporters in the media, for helping us get the message out. Thanks to our dedicated team of documentarians – photographer Aviva Cohen, videographers A Pocket History of Mars, and sound recordist/storyteller Joe Strutt a.k.a. Mechanical Forest Sound.

A final thanks to our hard-working volunteers, especially Tara Fillion, Hilary McLean, Caroline Stefek and Nick Zgraja, for devoting your time and energy to Wavelength, and giving us the hand we needed to make our 13th festival a reality! 

And of course to YOU, the audience – for being so bold, so enthusiastic, so responsive, so respectful and so awesome.

We already can't wait to turn FOURTEEN.


Adam, Adham, Dorice, Duncan, Jonny, Kevin and Ryan
a.k.a. the Wavelength Crew

P.S. In spite of any critical comments in certain media, we LOVE Doc Pickles and his intros, outros, tangents, curveballs and total way of being in the world. The Doc is an essential part of the Wavelength experience!

Photo of Henri Fabergé & the Adorables on Night Four at the Garrison - by Christian Bobak, c/o BlogTO.